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GETRIB was established in February 2003.The single purpose for its establishment was to SPREAD THE LITERACY OF BIOINFORMATICS. This is such a concern because of rapid growth of computer involvement in the field of Biology particularly Molecular biology, Genetics and Metabolomics. These branches of life sciences need to put up with simple but highly repetitive calculations which are possible with the computer collaborProtein Moleculeation alone to meet the ends of research in reality. 

GETRIB'S Comprehensive training program will enable you to face exciting challenges in  Biocomputing and Bioinformatics. A cutting edge course designed especially for challenges in new job opportunities and new careersResource persons  from prestigious Institutes and organizations train you and direct you to project work of contemporary importance.

Databases of sequenced genomes of a large number of organisms are available through internet, however the eventual accomplishment of genome sequencing lies when the  understanding of gene expression and function is used for practical application in the fields of Medicine, Model building and Genetic engineering etc., This is a daunting task.

GETRIB aims to train persons in the aspects of Molecular-modeling, Homology modeling, comparative modeling Alignments and different methods in aligning the sequences, Drug designing, and related aspects of Toxicogenomics and Pharmacogenomics, Discovering the functions of proteins etc., The identification of genes to annotate the function and detection of diseases causing genes for human disorders is a challenge for research and development of novel in-silico approach of GETRIB. The application of Bioinformatics tools will allow us to identify structural determinants in the genome and several classes of proteins which will form the basis for training in Genomics and Proteomics .

GETRIB will aim at promoting exchange and cooperation with Academic Institutes and Industry.

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